Sunday, July 22, 2018

Coming Back

Well, well, well....
I have been gone from this blog for nearly 2 years. I stopped because for 1) me and writing have never been super chill friends 2) I felt like I wasn't exactly clicking in with the entire blogging world 3) I wasnt recieving the views that I wanted and sometimes it really really sucked. I was putting in so much work into my photos and layouts and social media and it just wasnt working for me!

But I want to try again, on my own terms lol, so I'm considering returning to blogging with some recipes and workouts! I've been very into cooking my own food/losing weight since the begining of the year and this would be a great way to track my progress. 

I look foward to maybe reconnecting with some old pals and also just having fun letting this be my actual space to post little bits of happiness. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Second Year||| What I've Learned About Myself

It's been so hard for me to write lately but tonight as I sit in front of my computer trying to have a "me night" I decided that I wanted to write!
I don't know if you guys know this but it's my second year at  UCF & I am loving it, I'm finally getting to that point where I will be taking classes for my major & I'm more than excited. But aside from school I am going to talk about my social life (or lack there of compared the average college student lol). I want to talk about not losing yourself in such a pivotal moment in life.
The more time I spend in college the more I realize how important I am to myself. Now this may sound weird & it even feels weird typing it, but you have to find moments to take care of you. I say this because over time I have realized that I am the definition of a mom friend & sometimes that can be great and purely rewarding. But at other times it is honestly draining. I am only human. & with being human comes my own problems, responsiblites and stressers which I also need an outlet for. But it can be hard to express that when you want to take care of everyone else; but let me tell you- you have to find a way to balance the two. If not you're going to become unhappy in any other relationships with people because you are holding it all in!
So I repeat, care for yourself. Whether its just painting your nails and watching a chick flick, reading, taking a nice bubble bath, working out or even hanging out with a friend and getting back to old habits of spilling how your week was. In college it's easy to lose sight of what's important but stay grounded and true to yourself and everything will be just fine.
I'll try to update more often as time goes by, but I'm absolutely so busy and setting a blogging schedule just wont work right now! I know, I know...such a shocker coming from the girl who posts about organization at least in every other bog post.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer Sunset|||Makeup

Hey everyone! I know that I have been gone for a whilllllle!  

I finished up my first year of college which was absolutely WONDERFUL! I had so much fun!!
But now I am back home for the summer and I want to bring a fresh new feel to the blog! I want to do more beauty posts since that's actually my passion (but I'll see how far i get with blogging in general; I've been feeling so iffy about it!) so today I will be sharing a eye look that I think is super pretty for summer! 

For this look I used the Two Faced Chocolate Bar palette and 'Get Lucky' super shock shadow by ColourPop. 
1| After applying a primer I put milk chocolate all over my lid as a base
2| I then put salted caramel & semi sweet in my crease with a blending brush
3| I then used my finger to apply Get Lucky
4-6| Using a pencil brush, I blended the harsh edges into my crease
7| Winged liner using Physicians Formula liquid liner (literally my fav liquid liner!)
8| Couple coats of Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced
9| Applied 'Lady' lippie by ColourPop 

That's it! Comment below if you have any questions and I hoped you enjoyed this quick pictorial!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Long Time No Blog ! But I need some help!

Hey there! I haven't posted in quite the time. I spent time away on my last year in high school and also the super amazing transition to college.
From my time here so far, I've had nothing but fun...I've met some really amazing people and I feel like I truly belong (#yay)
But more about that in upcoming post...since actually college has inspired me to resume blogging!
I am enrolled in an English class and we have a semester long project where we have to choose a community that we are a part of and study how language functions within that community. I decided to choose blogging since I am a apart of Bloggers with Class.
I am now in the section of my paper where I need data in order to prove my statement/thesis, which is-in a nutshell: Bloggers are literate in their very own way. Therefore I have created a survey for other bloggers to take part in. Its only 10 questions and shouldn't take anymore than 5-7 mins. If you can spare some time and be a participant it would really help me out...not only with just my paper but in my own personal interest in this topic.
The link to the survey is posted here.
THANK YOU & there will be more to come later 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Influenster Review

Today I want to share something that I've literally been waiting forever to get!

My very own....Vox Box via Influenster!
Influenster is a company that sends it's members free items to review based on their social media activity. It's completely free guys-no strings attached! & it's super fun to receive a box filled with goodies just for you!

I received the Campus Vox Box which contained some items from Jergens, Sour Punch, and a couple more brands in which I will show you soon!

 I feel like this was a cool box, it had candy and beauty items...I guess not so helpful if your a guy haha. But let me share what I got!

 Shampoo, Pre-conditionor, and Conditioner from L'oreal Paris's Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight haircare line.
I haven't used it yet but the fact that it has Keratin & Tourmaline seems promising 

Sadly I cannot give a accurate review on this because I am, as I type, having a allergic reaction to this lip-balm *sigh* the only thing I can say it that it was smooth on the lips but for now I'll stick with my EOS balm

The tanning mouse by Jergens is actually pretty amazing! I tried it on my brother since I've been in the sun enough these past few weeks lol and it actually give your body a nice glow, just as it says. 
The apricot scrub is amazing as well it left my face super soft and smooth! But since I am going through the whole lip balm ordeal I'm sticking to all old products for the moment!

Lastly there was CANDY! I think everyone has had sour punch candy before and I have to say if any things changed its that the candy taste even better! I literally ate all of these the day I got them...well I shared a little bit(; 

Do you guys own any of these products? 
How do you feel about them? Let's chat below!

*I received these products for free for review via Influenster*