Monday, October 1, 2018

October Bullet Journal Spread!

So today is October 1st! I am going to actually be planning in my bullet journal for this month and using a mood tracker. So I wanted to share how I decided to set up everything. 

I'm not much of a Halloween person but I do love Fall! Therefore I tried my best with some pumpkins (and a squash)! I messed out a little on my overview calendar for the month, I counted wrong lol but that's okay. On the next page I drew a tree with little circles around it as my mood tracker( I got the idea from here). Now...I'm not sure if this is going to work at all. But I want to try, mostly because life has been a little wonky and I need to focus on my mental health a bit more. I'm hoping that taking a moment to think about it every day will help(: 

I'm really happy with how this turned out especially mixing colors on the trees, because I feel like I suck when it comes to creativity 

The brush pens that I used were the Artist loft pens (the two in the picture), my hard tip Tombow Fudenosuke calligraphy pen, and Huhuhero Fine Line Drawing pen. 

Let me know if you bullet journal and share your spreads with me. I would love to see them(:

Until next time!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

How to Spark Up Your Days

So, I'm finally about to begin my senior year of college, it's literally so crazy to think that just three years ago I was a high school graduate and now I'm 21 and close to obtaining an ACTUAL degree...

Time Flys 

In the process when is stopped blogging so much I wanted to find some new hobbies. One was bullet journaling. If you don't know what it is I'll link some videos below! But overall just of it is just a way to organize your life from daily reminders, calendars, mood trackers, grocery lists-anything you want.   But I noticed most of them involved some form of calligraphy or hand lettering which I find incredible and beautiful. Therefore I decided I was going to learn the art. I went on Amazon and bought a pair of Tombow brush pens and got to work following some amazing people (I'll also link them!)

Brush pens are honestly so fun and being patient with myself and learning how to use my hand in such a delicate way to create these strokes has been quite the challenge. I was literally so upset when I first started because I felt like I sucked and it was just another failed hobby, but I started to practice more and I've felt like little hiatuses help me more than I thought they would. I've improved since I started and that's more than enough for me. I'm working on currently writing a heading for a letter for my boyfriend who is leaving I, of course, want it to be perfect *facepalm*
*edit: He got the rough drafts because A for effort LOL*

So I just want to show some of my hand lettering/ calligraphy progress. Now while also sifting through learning this amazing style of lettering there's a lot in regards to credit for certain styles of writing (a little weird at times since there are only a few different ways to write A for example) so I will be crediting the ladies I can remember because I've honestly watched hundreds of  little Instagram flips and websites and youtube videos but I never claim to have created a style! With that said I love watching Kelly from Kelly Creates (she taught me how to write my capital E!), how to handletter (learned "bouncy lettering" from her) and also Amanda Rach Lee for honestly just tons of inspiration. 

So I've bought an empty book and dotted book to practice in, but a tip I got from how to hand-letter is to just practice in everyday I did an August spread..which is super outdated now but it was so fun and I got to practice! 


I know I wrote a lot about calligraphy and hand-lettering, but I just love it so much! The next thing I want to share is much simpler haha. Sleeping. It might seem weird but getting enough rest is one way your body will thank you and how to have a more productive day in my book. I use the bedtime function on my phone to remind me that its time to go to bed in order to get 8 hours of sleep. It really helps!

Water + exercise. I have been exercising more frequently and coking way more of my own food since around February and it has made so many differences in my body! Water can help clear up skin, digestive tract, lessen bloating and ultimately your body craves it. So do yourself a favor and chuggggg. 

That's all I really wanted to say, I'll be posting my October spread soon!

Until next time (:

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Coming Back

Well, well, well....
I have been gone from this blog for nearly 2 years. I stopped because for 1) me and writing have never been super chill friends 2) I felt like I wasn't exactly clicking in with the entire blogging world 3) I wasnt recieving the views that I wanted and sometimes it really really sucked. I was putting in so much work into my photos and layouts and social media and it just wasnt working for me!

But I want to try again, on my own terms lol, so I'm considering returning to blogging with some recipes and workouts! I've been very into cooking my own food/losing weight since the begining of the year and this would be a great way to track my progress. 

I look foward to maybe reconnecting with some old pals and also just having fun letting this be my actual space to post little bits of happiness. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Second Year||| What I've Learned About Myself

It's been so hard for me to write lately but tonight as I sit in front of my computer trying to have a "me night" I decided that I wanted to write!
I don't know if you guys know this but it's my second year at  UCF & I am loving it, I'm finally getting to that point where I will be taking classes for my major & I'm more than excited. But aside from school I am going to talk about my social life (or lack there of compared the average college student lol). I want to talk about not losing yourself in such a pivotal moment in life.
The more time I spend in college the more I realize how important I am to myself. Now this may sound weird & it even feels weird typing it, but you have to find moments to take care of you. I say this because over time I have realized that I am the definition of a mom friend & sometimes that can be great and purely rewarding. But at other times it is honestly draining. I am only human. & with being human comes my own problems, responsiblites and stressers which I also need an outlet for. But it can be hard to express that when you want to take care of everyone else; but let me tell you- you have to find a way to balance the two. If not you're going to become unhappy in any other relationships with people because you are holding it all in!
So I repeat, care for yourself. Whether its just painting your nails and watching a chick flick, reading, taking a nice bubble bath, working out or even hanging out with a friend and getting back to old habits of spilling how your week was. In college it's easy to lose sight of what's important but stay grounded and true to yourself and everything will be just fine.
I'll try to update more often as time goes by, but I'm absolutely so busy and setting a blogging schedule just wont work right now! I know, I know...such a shocker coming from the girl who posts about organization at least in every other bog post.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer Sunset|||Makeup

Hey everyone! I know that I have been gone for a whilllllle!  

I finished up my first year of college which was absolutely WONDERFUL! I had so much fun!!
But now I am back home for the summer and I want to bring a fresh new feel to the blog! I want to do more beauty posts since that's actually my passion (but I'll see how far i get with blogging in general; I've been feeling so iffy about it!) so today I will be sharing a eye look that I think is super pretty for summer! 

For this look I used the Two Faced Chocolate Bar palette and 'Get Lucky' super shock shadow by ColourPop. 
1| After applying a primer I put milk chocolate all over my lid as a base
2| I then put salted caramel & semi sweet in my crease with a blending brush
3| I then used my finger to apply Get Lucky
4-6| Using a pencil brush, I blended the harsh edges into my crease
7| Winged liner using Physicians Formula liquid liner (literally my fav liquid liner!)
8| Couple coats of Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced
9| Applied 'Lady' lippie by ColourPop 

That's it! Comment below if you have any questions and I hoped you enjoyed this quick pictorial!