Saturday, August 31, 2013

S C H O O L. F A S H I O N. H O M E W O R K

Im sorry Ive been a little M.I.A! School for me has started and boy has it got me busy...but I want to share with you something I got for school and that I love!
I recently bought these TOMS from Nordstrom & they end up being $47 and change. Not bad-especially since your basically buying two pairs of shoes (one for yourself, but in the long run, another for a child without). For more info on TOMS check out . 

Here are my shoes!....BIRDIES on my feet!!
Now I'm not gonna lie, matching an outfit with these babies can be challenging. But thanks to forever21 (my favorite store on the planet) they had a beige crochet top which i paired with a navy blue tank and medium washed jeans. But I did have a lazy day and just threw on a navy blue top (; 

~~~~Until next time!~~~~

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Busy? Run on Dunkin!

So school for me has started up! & as you know sometimes ya just need some coffee....but a weeks worth? Well hey! Look at this little sucker, its coffee in a BOX. (I just think thats super cool...just me? Ok lol) So if you ever need a but load of coffee go and get some at Dunkin, it was strong coffee (kudos Dunkin for keeping America awake) or maybe its just because I'm a once a while coffee drinker. I'm more of a Frappuccino gal(; 

Talk to you guys again soon! I'm gonna go and drown myself in homework :( MUAH!

Binders, Notebooks, Planners, oh my!

So as we all know school is starting backup-boo hoo! Sucks, I know I know. 

I don't know about you, but I need something to make me want to learn and do t homework so I get pretty school supplies haha. School for me, starts Monday (blogger didn't upload this post on time which was 8/18, so school started on Monday the 19th), so I'll show you some of what I got!

{binder|notebook|notebook|planner|pencil ouch}

I bought all of these things from Target!! (I love Target btw). 

      Have a Beautiful First Day Guys!

If you have any questions on the things you see feel free to ask below (: 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to School Series: Organizing Study Tools

Hey! Today I am starting the Back to School series! whoop whoop(:

I am starting with Organizing study tools. Studying is a very important part of school and is a great habit that everyone should have....but some of us (like myself) hate it and have a hard time getting to it. But this school year I am going to change that and make studying fun (: or at least try to haha so here is how I have organized some vital things for studying!

okay so things that help me to study are (lef to right): post it's | Highlighters, which I have put in this  little jar just to spice it up from the ordinary (: | paper clips, post it tabs, and just some binder clips (; | my handy dandy stapler | flash cards for studying and homework assignments |my pencil lead...I dont like the wooden ones, I would literally need to sharpen it like every ten minutes haha | my calculator, which I love so dearly! (I recommend this for everyone who takes math...which is all of us (: ) |  & lastly my earaser for those big mistakes. 

   I hope that this helps you get ready to succeed in school!(: 

Ask any questions below (:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Grow you nails with green tea and bamboo(;

Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition: Green Tea + Bamboo Strengthener | $9.29 (CVS)

So I absolutely loveeee this stuff! I'm giving my nails a break for the week and just wearing this to help my nails get some of their strength back. Recently they have become a little weak and peel right at the tips so they are getting some TLC. Also I couldn't find this bottle anywhere! It's not at my Wal-mart so I am forced to go to CVS and pay the price lol it's so expensive-the things I do for nail polish!
Have any of you ever tried this?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hey! Im back

So I am now settled in my new home, I can finally get back to blogging! How have you guys been? haha

But school is coming soon (for me at least) and summer is coming to a close soooo I did want to a small series on back to school stuff or beautifying your room since I do have my own room now...which was oh so needed! So later on, I shall have some new things up for you! Also, I have created a facebook page that you can follow (; The buttons will be up for those soon.

Have a good day!(: