Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nails|||Stones 'n Roses

Hey! Today I want to talk about the new collection by Essie-Resort 2015, well one of the polishes!

It's called Stones 'n Roses, a beautiful muted peach
It does take a little work, only being fully opaque in 3 coats but it was worth it!
Here I topped it off with Diamond Drops by Color Club and then my Freedom Topcoat by Julep (which is the best!)


What's on your nails?
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Makeup|||The Chocolae Bar Palette by Too Faced

 So they other week Too Faced had this CRAZY sale!

 I mean how could a girl resist! 
I was so happy that my mom was able to snag this great deal for us and it's one of the greatest palettes!

Review time!
So I haven't used all of the eye shadows in this palette but with just a few of them I am absolutely amazed! They are so soft and velvety, it's just great ahhhh. & don't let me forget about wonderful scent of chocolatey goodness you receive when applying your makeup, I was the happiest girl this morning haha. I have followed two of the three  guided tutorials that come with the palette and surprisingly it took me 10 mins to do my makeup and it was flawless....okay not flawless but you know (;

I am soooo satisfied with this palette and it seems likes it's going to be my next fav! Also the primer that came along was also great, I like that it goes on clear enough to not show up as a white base (such as my Smashbox shadow primer does) where shadow wasn't applied. But sadly the lipstick that was given in the set is way to light for my skin tone-even with a liner. So I gave it to one of my friends who was dying to buy the palette but didn't get to it in enough time (they literally sold like hot-cakes!). I'm so excited to use the other colors and experiment with the palette!

Here are so pictures of it! If you guys care for swatches let me know in the comments!

 The Chocolate Bar||Better Than Sex Mascara||Shadow Insurance||La Creme Lipstick in Nude Beach
3 Tutorials||Sample of Powder

 In the upcoming pictures I followed the second tutorial, Semi-Sweet
In my opinion this is a great look for V-Day!

 *excuse my mascara on my lid lol...that's honestly my down fall in makeup haha!*

I hope that you enjoyed this mini review!
Have you had any experience with The Chocolate Bar?
If so lets chat below!

Have a great day(: