Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Long Time No Blog ! But I need some help!

Hey there! I haven't posted in quite the time. I spent time away on my last year in high school and also the super amazing transition to college.
From my time here so far, I've had nothing but fun...I've met some really amazing people and I feel like I truly belong (#yay)
But more about that in upcoming post...since actually college has inspired me to resume blogging!
I am enrolled in an English class and we have a semester long project where we have to choose a community that we are a part of and study how language functions within that community. I decided to choose blogging since I am a apart of Bloggers with Class.
I am now in the section of my paper where I need data in order to prove my statement/thesis, which is-in a nutshell: Bloggers are literate in their very own way. Therefore I have created a survey for other bloggers to take part in. Its only 10 questions and shouldn't take anymore than 5-7 mins. If you can spare some time and be a participant it would really help me out...not only with just my paper but in my own personal interest in this topic.
The link to the survey is posted here.
THANK YOU & there will be more to come later 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Influenster Review

Today I want to share something that I've literally been waiting forever to get!

My very own....Vox Box via Influenster!
Influenster is a company that sends it's members free items to review based on their social media activity. It's completely free guys-no strings attached! & it's super fun to receive a box filled with goodies just for you!

I received the Campus Vox Box which contained some items from Jergens, Sour Punch, and a couple more brands in which I will show you soon!

 I feel like this was a cool box, it had candy and beauty items...I guess not so helpful if your a guy haha. But let me share what I got!

 Shampoo, Pre-conditionor, and Conditioner from L'oreal Paris's Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight haircare line.
I haven't used it yet but the fact that it has Keratin & Tourmaline seems promising 

Sadly I cannot give a accurate review on this because I am, as I type, having a allergic reaction to this lip-balm *sigh* the only thing I can say it that it was smooth on the lips but for now I'll stick with my EOS balm

The tanning mouse by Jergens is actually pretty amazing! I tried it on my brother since I've been in the sun enough these past few weeks lol and it actually give your body a nice glow, just as it says. 
The apricot scrub is amazing as well it left my face super soft and smooth! But since I am going through the whole lip balm ordeal I'm sticking to all old products for the moment!

Lastly there was CANDY! I think everyone has had sour punch candy before and I have to say if any things changed its that the candy taste even better! I literally ate all of these the day I got them...well I shared a little bit(; 

Do you guys own any of these products? 
How do you feel about them? Let's chat below!

*I received these products for free for review via Influenster* 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Makeup|||Berry Lips

 It's been so long since I've last blogged and I've missed it so much!

I have gotten a chance to plug back in since SPRING BREAK just passed for me and I have lot's of post to catch up on-let me tell you that haha

So to kick off my...err...returning I want to share a new lipstick I've received!
Also I finally got to try Ipsy! Which is how I received the lipstick but that will be in another post. 

The lipstick is by NYX & is a butter lipstick! It's in the shade Hunk & on my lips it's a berry color with more of a pink undertone! I can say that the formula is very very soothe me creamy-I love it. It has a great staining power that doesn't make it look awkard while fading! 
I wore it for maybe 2 or 3 hours and then reapplied once my lips were getting dry instead of using my EOS balm and it simply perked the color back and was just like new!

After about 2-3 hours & then a second "layer"

I really enjoying wearing this lipstick and it wasn't high maintenance at all. But...I didn't get a chance to eat, I just sipped on some Starbucks haha. 

But, when I first swacthed this lipstick I felt a strange vibe of déjà vu. Lo and behold this lipstick is a dupe for Smitten by Revlon (Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains). In my opinion I think the lipstick is better just because it's creamy and less drying, but with Revlon there is that true staining property that is promised! 
But the lipsticks are cheaper so hey haha.
{even though they are completely different here they are basically the same on my lips}

What lip shades have caught your eye this spring? 
Let me know below ! 

Hello Spring.

Why, I haven't been on in a while!

School is honestly picking up so fast that I don't even know I if I'll make it through! Haha

All I see is AP tests after Saturday study sessions after Univeristy visits after projects....yeah my calendar makes me want to cry now a days. & that is also the reason why it's becoming even more challenging to post every week. 

So due to school and other factors I will be doing sporadic posts! At least until the end of May when I have around a week of no testing and then back to it again for a bit haha. 

I do have something beauty related that I would like to share though! It is(crossout) was the the new lipgloss/stain by Timmel: Provacalips. They are a super stain in my opinion lol; this baby lasted though eating and everything!! Sadly the color I bought didn't look right with my skin tone so I gave it to a friend. 


How's your school life?

Saturday, March 7, 2015

It's that time.

Well, it's getting close to the end of the year where the classes are piling up on projects and studying so I will be posting less often. 

It's sucks because I love blogging but I have to focus on my schooling as well! 

I hope to post soon but until then you know where I am!! 


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nails|||Stones 'n Roses

Hey! Today I want to talk about the new collection by Essie-Resort 2015, well one of the polishes!

It's called Stones 'n Roses, a beautiful muted peach
It does take a little work, only being fully opaque in 3 coats but it was worth it!
Here I topped it off with Diamond Drops by Color Club and then my Freedom Topcoat by Julep (which is the best!)


What's on your nails?
Tell me Below!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Makeup|||The Chocolae Bar Palette by Too Faced

 So they other week Too Faced had this CRAZY sale!

 I mean how could a girl resist! 
I was so happy that my mom was able to snag this great deal for us and it's one of the greatest palettes!

Review time!
So I haven't used all of the eye shadows in this palette but with just a few of them I am absolutely amazed! They are so soft and velvety, it's just great ahhhh. & don't let me forget about wonderful scent of chocolatey goodness you receive when applying your makeup, I was the happiest girl this morning haha. I have followed two of the three  guided tutorials that come with the palette and surprisingly it took me 10 mins to do my makeup and it was flawless....okay not flawless but you know (;

I am soooo satisfied with this palette and it seems likes it's going to be my next fav! Also the primer that came along was also great, I like that it goes on clear enough to not show up as a white base (such as my Smashbox shadow primer does) where shadow wasn't applied. But sadly the lipstick that was given in the set is way to light for my skin tone-even with a liner. So I gave it to one of my friends who was dying to buy the palette but didn't get to it in enough time (they literally sold like hot-cakes!). I'm so excited to use the other colors and experiment with the palette!

Here are so pictures of it! If you guys care for swatches let me know in the comments!

 The Chocolate Bar||Better Than Sex Mascara||Shadow Insurance||La Creme Lipstick in Nude Beach
3 Tutorials||Sample of Powder

 In the upcoming pictures I followed the second tutorial, Semi-Sweet
In my opinion this is a great look for V-Day!

 *excuse my mascara on my lid lol...that's honestly my down fall in makeup haha!*

I hope that you enjoyed this mini review!
Have you had any experience with The Chocolate Bar?
If so lets chat below!

Have a great day(:

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Polka- Dotted Nails!

So I'm not posting on a 'scheduled day' but I do want to get up a post this week, since I haven't been able to blog in a while. 

I know you hear this a lot...but senior year is truly unexpectedly busy. 
There just But good news for me is that I'm done applying to universities so now I'm working on scholarships!

But back to blogging lol, I also finally found the time to paint my nails. I literally have not painted them for a month and a half now; which is quite crazy. 

I decided to do something simple but elegant. Polka-Dots! 
Polka dots are something that will never go out of style and my nails actually remind me of PINK, just opposite color pattern haha. 


I am in love with this pink, it's Flamingo by Color Club. I usually use two coats to get it opaque and will only do a third coat to the nails that need it. The white is Snow white by Sinful Colors and I made the dots using a dotting tool!
How is everyone? I honestly want to create more of a personal friendship with other bloggers! We are are super cool ( we have to be (;) and I would love to connect with you all. So a topic I think we should talk about is...what's up with this crazy weather?! lol I live in Florida and lets be honest, us Floridians don't have clothes for this! I am running on my last sweatshirt tomorrow, sigh I was wearing flip flops just last week and now the weather is playing games. What's it like where you live? Maybe I need to crank out some #ootd's for cold days lol. What's your secret to staying warm?(;

Well I hope you enjoyed this post!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Final Thoughts on Benefits They're Real! Push Up Liner

Hey Guys! I am back with a final review on Benefits Push Up Liner that I reviewed  couple of weeks ago! I have been MIA due to school and am trying to stay on schedule so bear with me please!(:

So I've been using this liner for a little under a month & I say that it does do what it promises to do. Which is to give you a liner that can allow you to get close to your lashes! 

But my main problem is....I can't effectively use this product....because I cannot get close enough to the mirror. The pen makes it impossible for me to get close enough to apply the liner.

I am a full on glasses wearer and when I do liner I essentially have to be supper close to the mirror like we're talking breath circles appearing on the mirror close. So trying to create a perfect wing looking in a handheld mirror or even in a vanity mirror makes it way much harder than it should be.
Another thing I cant get over is the fact that all o the natural creases in my eyelid close to my lash line show up with the gel liner. But then again that could just be on of those pet peeves that you alone only notice haha.

So sadly I will either be giving this liner to my mom or returning it to ULTA; who knows maybe they will allow me to get two mini sized ones in exchange? That would actually fix my problem (:

Well I hope this review was helpful!
See ya Thursday!(:

Thursday, January 15, 2015


So I know that I literally have been MIA lol. So sorry but senior year is to blame again! Ever since break ended, I've been ripping and running trying to get my scholarships done and get my laast bit of of recommendations and then find time to study!

It's been a rough couple of weeks for sure.
I just want to let you guys know I'm still here haha-just buried under paperwork

So I will be back this weekend for Simple Saturday and hopefully around for a post on Thursday!(:
Have a great night (:

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!


I know that I am a bit "late" but I really wanted to spend time on this post and not write it half asleep on New Year's Day haha's 2015. WOW. 

I don't know why the fact that its 2015 surprises me but it does, like  we are getting so far in time and the scary part is it's flying by!

I am actually really really REALLY excited for this year! I have so much going on...prom, first year of university, maybe a out of country I just can't wait! But what I am really excited about is finding me-what I mean by that is focusing on myself and what I need to succeed. Through that I will be able to help others. I want to let my light shine and to do that I first need to find it! That might sound harsh but we all sometimes need to start over and what better chance to than now! I want to inspire others and be myself and in order to do that I need to strengthen myself spiritually and live my life the happiest I can. Also not only do I want to be happy but I want to be healthy, therefore I want to get back on track with exercising my body. Not only does it maintain our weight or aid in losing weight but it just keeps the body running smoothly-not exercising is like telling your body you don't care and I'm sure we all care. It allows us to wear great clothes and eat great food haha. But yes, I just want to enjoy life-not like I haven't all my life but I'm getting older and independence is knocking so I really want to start becoming more aware about myself and my surroundings and taking care of me.

I wish everyone a blessed year, I hope that you enjoy life and I also wish you a pocketful of sunshine for those rainy days. I wish that you aren't too hard on yourself and always remember that it's never too late to start off even if its not 1/365 days (;

||||Also, I have decided that I want to create a schedule and stick to it so I will be posting on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (Simple Saturday) !|||||

Have a great night(:
What your idea on 2015? Tell me below!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

First Impression|||Benefit's They're Real! Push Up Liner

Yes...I did it.
I bought the infamous Push Up Liner

To be honest it kinda hurt shoveling out that 24 dollars but it was soooo nice on my eyes

I went to ULTA the other day to actually buy a new blending brush and they were so expensive! But I know that they will last a while so instead my mom decided that she would buy me brushes and I could get other make-up (:

So what I decided to spend my money on was this liner. I have been wanting a new liner for a while but I honestly like the preciseness of liquid, feel of gel, and and flexibility of a felt tip...weird huh? So in all actually this is actually the perfect kind of liner for me haha.

The Push Up Liner has a AccuFlex tip which is literally so soft and flexible and the formula is soft as well! It glides right along the eye and I was quite shocked at how thick or thin I could make the line. In my opinion it's quite revolutionary...yes I called make-up revolutionary haha. 

(it comes with the plug and it's simply discarded!)

First Impression
///So after walking around the store for what...a good 15 mins wonder what i should spend the alst bit of my Christmas money on, I finally went and was helped by a nice lady who put the liner on me (loveee ULTA employees). She started the application and the first thing I said was "It's so soft." Guys literally you don't feel as if you're wearing makeup, it's quite light which I love!

///Next, I got to look in the mirror and I was stunned at how nice the eyeliner looked and how quickly the look was achieved-wing and everything!

///She then let me do the other eye myself and I was done in under two mins....fastest I've ever been able to do my liner. I think this is what sold me haha, getting the same results as my liquid liner without the hassle of re-dipping after one line was amazing. I walked around and said maybe next time but then I slowly made my way back and picked up a box!

///I fixed my other eye so my wings would match up and my liner worked just fine. I did a smudge test a few hours later and it flake off but I did notice how oily my lips were after I left ULTA so I can not say that this is some horrible liner that does not stay on. In fact I love it so far and I am going to keep wearing for the next couple of days to make sure its for me but so far I am sold.(:

This is my first product by benefit and so far A+! 
I'm sure you'll hear more about it later, maybe a follow-up review.

Do you have any products by Benefit or do you have They're Real! Push-up Liner?
 Let's talk below!(: