Thursday, June 26, 2014

Blogger's Block...

Soooooo....I have a really bad case of blogger's block 
I just literally don't know what to write lol
So I decided that instead I would just tell you guys about how my day went (first day of school during dual enrollment)!
Is that okay? I hope so haha

I woke up for school, after a very tossy-turny night. All of those nights staying up late finally caught up to me because my body was basically rejecting the idea of going to bed at 10:30 the night before haha.

I went ahead and did my make up while my jeans dried & then threw in my shirt as well knock some wrinkles....because who has time for ironing. Oh yeah I did mah hair too!

Packed some snacks, made sure I had all of my things together...grabbed a water and left with my mom

On my was to school...BUT FIRST LET ME GET A BAGEL. Thinly sliced...toasted....& with cream cheese (; . 

No I'm on my way to school...nibbling on my bagel due to the nerves haha

I've finally made it but...guess what? I have no idea where my classes are lol....sigh only me! My mom and I go to find which buildings I'll be in & where, relatively, my classes are. 

I part ways with my mom (sad face...little fish in a big pond!) and go ahead to the bathroom before my first class....or what I thought was my first class. *rolls eyes* only me again.

Now I'm getting worried because not my teacher or students are waiting by the room and my mom suggest for me to check my schedule again to make sure I was in the right place...Lo & Behold I was in the second of course I PANICKED. I rushed across campus to get to my correct class and...

...I literally walk into class at this time sparing too much embarrassment and interruption of the class.
What a first day, eh?
But all-in-all I had a pretty good first day(:
How was your day today?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hints of Yellow and Coral.

Hey guys!

Okay so I'm ready to paint the walls in my new room & I'm leaning towards a light yellow accent wall with coral and white to accessorize !

Here are some things that have been inspiring me!


via but in in coral color

via in Lemon Twist