Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Beauty 101|||Homemade Lipstick

First I want to say I hope that everyone had a grew Christmas with their families(; i reframed from posting on Christmas to spend time with mine haha. Now onto the post!
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This goes to all the girls who dream of getting that perfect lip color but don't have tons of money to shell out for lipsticks...

I was on Facebook and I ran across this video on how to make your own lipstick. I thought it was going to be the same old same old tutorial but was I wrong...I have actually never seen such a simple technique. 

She uses coconut oil & crayons. 
Simple right?

Now when she models the colors they are absolutely gorgeous! 

I couldn't find her exact video but there are many on YouTube. 
Here's one that I like: DIY: How To Make Lipstick Using Crayons

I actually tried this, I want to make a dark vampy look for fall so I used Red Voilet and Black but I put in equal amounts of both colors of crayon and it turned to dark-almost brown…but that's okay, I can always try again! Btw it isn't completely a lipstick more I would say more a gloss, only because it has that nice sheen to it(:

Here's what it looked like!

So it still turned out pretty but I wanted a more purple reddish undertone!

Well i hope that you guys give this a shot..it's super easy and so cool. I mean imagine- you see a color you want and bam! make it.
Tell you below if you try this or have some cool DIYs!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Last Minute Gift Ideas!

With Christmas being only 2 days away, it's time to wrap those presents and have them ready for whomever we are ready to surprise!

But...a lot of us haven't even started to look for presents!....#lolme but I've also decide to go the DIY route this year. So I want to share my favorite DIYs I've seen so far(;

 Starting with youtube!

I loveeeeeee Remi and Eva, oh and Meridith for their creativity during the holidays so I say you should DEFINITELY check out their videos. They have a load of great ideas of things to make for family and friends!




& also, you don't always have to give a 'product' but you can also give food!
 I love Pinterest for this (Follow me for more ideas as well(:)!
Here's some idea's for fun treats that you can give during the Holidays

Christmas Bark ||| via

Christmas Popcorn ||| via

This sheet gives you some ways to make fun coco! 
You can always mix the dry ingredients and add a note for the amount of milk needed!

I've always wanted to make Muddy Buddies!|||via

I hope this gives you all some ideas for Christmas Gifts that don't cost a fortune but still touch the heart! & also don't forget what Christmas is really about: spending time with your family and friends, appreciating what you already have, spreading joy (like confetti haha) and celebrating the life that saved us all years and years ago(:

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

|||Surviving Senior Year|||

So, this is my last year of High School and is it stressful. 
like....I can't even. rofl 

But I would like to share some tips that I think will make Senior Year much less stressful and much more smooth! 

It will probably be a small sporadic series so watch out for them!

1. Get a head start on college apps. 
College applications can be a killer if you don't give them their proper attention. So during the summer of Junior Year go ahead & make an account with the Colleges or Universities you would like to attend & if you want to go ahead and start filling it out, that's great too! If you have no idea where you want to go, take time to research, look at some schools in your area and maybe a couple out of your area as well(:

2. Get Connected.
Spend some time getting to know your Counselor and the person at your school who handles information about colleges and universities and scholarships. Creating a good relationship with them is important, in my opinion, because they know that you're serious about your education and being successful and plus the more they know about you, the more they can help!(:

3. Be Yourself.
Its scary. I get it. But- I have a strong feeling that colleges and universities want to see you, the person who is eagerly wanting to attend there school; not someone who is trying to write what they think the school wants to hear. So my advice, just be yourself and write when your in a good place-have fun with your applications and show the real you.(:

I've just noticed that there's smiley f face at the end of my sentences haha- just trying to give hope and positivity!

4. Get an agenda & stick with it.
Agendas are sooooo important during this year. I cannot stress enough, like it could save your educational lives. Writing down due dates and then giving yourself a time frame and also seeing that time frame is super helpful ( at least for me). I can see if my goals are set too close or if I've planned something after school but I also have something to do that day. With everything that is going on this year I just cant see myself doing it without my planner...all of my scholarship dates, projects, big tests...sigh it s just the #realmvp. 

5. Have Funnnn!
I almost forgot this to be honest, which is kinda what happens throughout the year haha. But just remember Senior Year is your last year so make it extra fun, take all those fun pictures, engage in a new club or sport, and have fun with your class. *whoop whoop class of 2015

So I hope that these help with organizing your senior year or even getting ready for it (or just help organize your year in general)!
See ya in the next post (;

p.s sorry for the lack as posting, all the tests and homework along with exams and after school activities really add up quick and swamp me so I try to post when I can!