Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Long Time No Blog ! But I need some help!

Hey there! I haven't posted in quite the time. I spent time away on my last year in high school and also the super amazing transition to college.
From my time here so far, I've had nothing but fun...I've met some really amazing people and I feel like I truly belong (#yay)
But more about that in upcoming post...since actually college has inspired me to resume blogging!
I am enrolled in an English class and we have a semester long project where we have to choose a community that we are a part of and study how language functions within that community. I decided to choose blogging since I am a apart of Bloggers with Class.
I am now in the section of my paper where I need data in order to prove my statement/thesis, which is-in a nutshell: Bloggers are literate in their very own way. Therefore I have created a survey for other bloggers to take part in. Its only 10 questions and shouldn't take anymore than 5-7 mins. If you can spare some time and be a participant it would really help me out...not only with just my paper but in my own personal interest in this topic.
The link to the survey is posted here.
THANK YOU & there will be more to come later