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     Anything that is reviewed or shown in my post was bought with my own money unless stated otherwise in the post itself. My review of a product is based solely on my own opinion and will be honest. Also I am not in any way a Trained Beauty Technician, Nail Specialist or Professional; I do this as a hobby and for fun because I enjoy it (nail, makeup, or beauty tips/tutorials), I am in no way responsible for what happens with external reproductions/activities that are related to my blog.

     If you would like to do a collab, send me products for review or host a giveaway on my blog please email me at the email below. Also for any other business inquires email at this email as well! 
*Please just simply specify that you are wanting to do: host a giveaway, send products....etc in the subject line*

Any questions? Tips or Request? Or just wanna drop by and say hi? Email me at: llbhblog@gmail.com

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