Sunday, July 22, 2018

Coming Back

Well, well, well....
I have been gone from this blog for nearly 2 years. I stopped because for 1) me and writing have never been super chill friends 2) I felt like I wasn't exactly clicking in with the entire blogging world 3) I wasnt recieving the views that I wanted and sometimes it really really sucked. I was putting in so much work into my photos and layouts and social media and it just wasnt working for me!

But I want to try again, on my own terms lol, so I'm considering returning to blogging with some recipes and workouts! I've been very into cooking my own food/losing weight since the begining of the year and this would be a great way to track my progress. 

I look foward to maybe reconnecting with some old pals and also just having fun letting this be my actual space to post little bits of happiness.