Thursday, April 16, 2015

Influenster Review

Today I want to share something that I've literally been waiting forever to get!

My very own....Vox Box via Influenster!
Influenster is a company that sends it's members free items to review based on their social media activity. It's completely free guys-no strings attached! & it's super fun to receive a box filled with goodies just for you!

I received the Campus Vox Box which contained some items from Jergens, Sour Punch, and a couple more brands in which I will show you soon!

 I feel like this was a cool box, it had candy and beauty items...I guess not so helpful if your a guy haha. But let me share what I got!

 Shampoo, Pre-conditionor, and Conditioner from L'oreal Paris's Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight haircare line.
I haven't used it yet but the fact that it has Keratin & Tourmaline seems promising 

Sadly I cannot give a accurate review on this because I am, as I type, having a allergic reaction to this lip-balm *sigh* the only thing I can say it that it was smooth on the lips but for now I'll stick with my EOS balm

The tanning mouse by Jergens is actually pretty amazing! I tried it on my brother since I've been in the sun enough these past few weeks lol and it actually give your body a nice glow, just as it says. 
The apricot scrub is amazing as well it left my face super soft and smooth! But since I am going through the whole lip balm ordeal I'm sticking to all old products for the moment!

Lastly there was CANDY! I think everyone has had sour punch candy before and I have to say if any things changed its that the candy taste even better! I literally ate all of these the day I got them...well I shared a little bit(; 

Do you guys own any of these products? 
How do you feel about them? Let's chat below!

*I received these products for free for review via Influenster* 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Makeup|||Berry Lips

 It's been so long since I've last blogged and I've missed it so much!

I have gotten a chance to plug back in since SPRING BREAK just passed for me and I have lot's of post to catch up on-let me tell you that haha

So to kick off my...err...returning I want to share a new lipstick I've received!
Also I finally got to try Ipsy! Which is how I received the lipstick but that will be in another post. 

The lipstick is by NYX & is a butter lipstick! It's in the shade Hunk & on my lips it's a berry color with more of a pink undertone! I can say that the formula is very very soothe me creamy-I love it. It has a great staining power that doesn't make it look awkard while fading! 
I wore it for maybe 2 or 3 hours and then reapplied once my lips were getting dry instead of using my EOS balm and it simply perked the color back and was just like new!

After about 2-3 hours & then a second "layer"

I really enjoying wearing this lipstick and it wasn't high maintenance at all. But...I didn't get a chance to eat, I just sipped on some Starbucks haha. 

But, when I first swacthed this lipstick I felt a strange vibe of déjà vu. Lo and behold this lipstick is a dupe for Smitten by Revlon (Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains). In my opinion I think the lipstick is better just because it's creamy and less drying, but with Revlon there is that true staining property that is promised! 
But the lipsticks are cheaper so hey haha.
{even though they are completely different here they are basically the same on my lips}

What lip shades have caught your eye this spring? 
Let me know below ! 

Hello Spring.

Why, I haven't been on in a while!

School is honestly picking up so fast that I don't even know I if I'll make it through! Haha

All I see is AP tests after Saturday study sessions after Univeristy visits after projects....yeah my calendar makes me want to cry now a days. & that is also the reason why it's becoming even more challenging to post every week. 

So due to school and other factors I will be doing sporadic posts! At least until the end of May when I have around a week of no testing and then back to it again for a bit haha. 

I do have something beauty related that I would like to share though! It is(crossout) was the the new lipgloss/stain by Timmel: Provacalips. They are a super stain in my opinion lol; this baby lasted though eating and everything!! Sadly the color I bought didn't look right with my skin tone so I gave it to a friend. 


How's your school life?