Saturday, November 29, 2014

Don't miss out on these deals!

Just in case you didn't see these awesome deals yesterday!

~extra 15% your purchase online! {code:GRAVY}
~up to 50% online! {ends today}
~40% off the entire store! {today only}
~25% off entire site! {code: HOLLYJOLLY}
~sign up for mailing and there is a surprise Black Friday sale with up to 75% off!

Target issues a weekly ad for all regions. Current Target Deals (includes in-store and on-line offers) Current Target Ad Matchups Current Target Ad Insert     Target General Shopping FAQs Q. ...
~40% off clothing
~buy one, get one 50% off ! {on boots, wallets and handbags}

BBW Logo
~buy three get three free {on signature collection}
~3 wick candles {2 for $22}

Alright well these are just some of my fav stores so I anted to make sure you guys knew of the great deals! I'm sure the malls are almost wiped completely clean but hit them up too for great sales!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Stocking stuffers under $10

Hey guys!
So Christmas is coming in in exactlyyyyyy- 24 days *AHH* which means it's crunch time for the perfect presents! If you're having a hard time trying to find a gift for the special lady in your life then I've got you covered! I tried to pick things that any girl would like (beauty, home, body..).

All of these items are under $20 which makes it super affordable during the Holidays!
& if you are really stumped, then monetary gifts are great-they can buy what they want(:

I hope this little guide gives you some ideas!
What do you plan on giving this Christmas?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Makeup...done simple!

So, if you're like me-a girl who likes to wear makeup but doesn't like to send over 10-15 mins actually applying it-this is for you!

So this year I want to try something different and break out a simple but elegant look for the holiday.
I have in mind a few combo's

So I would honestly say to stay with a simple eye look and then just change up the lips to create a more flirty or eddy mood!

For the eyes-neutral is the best way to go since it won't clash with your lips!
*add or subtract glitter to suit looks to your taste!*



So these are more light colors that can be paired with netral eyes!
Pout & Jewel are two colors that will make your look softer
Azalea, Legendary, & Smitten will take it up a notch and make it a but flirty


go bold with a dark lip

 I hope that this gives you some inspiration for how to get a simple but WOW look this Thanksgiving(:

Tell me what you're plans are for your face tmrw #lol or what you're doing!(:

Friday, November 21, 2014


Sorry that Ive been gone for so long! 
School has me really tied up and therefore I haven't been able to blog as frequently. 

Therefore I will be taking a small break from blogging to just let myself focus on school, senior year is quite hectic: projects, homework, extra credit, college applications and more *im getting tired just writing about it lol* 

I'll be back around the end of Thanksgiving break or next weekend so I'll see us then 

Have a great day ! (: 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Instant Style by Instyle

So, I rarely read magazine but when I do, I really enjoy them.

I  guess you could say I spend my time making outfits of Polyvore, repining them on Pinterest and liking them on Instagram haha I'm basically beating around the bush.

But my mom received her Instyle magazine this month and instead of keeping it she handled it over to me! I receive Teen Vogue but variation is fun.

So as I was flipping through I noticed a section they have called: Instant Style and it gives 5 different events and appropriate but super chic attire. I thought that was amazing and could not wait to share! So here they are:

|||Girls Brunch|||

 |||Holiday Dinner||||

 |||Apple Picking|||

|||Date Night|||

 What do you guys think of these outfits?
Do they give you any inspiration, because they sure helped me!
Tell me below!
All photos belong to Instyle magazine November 2014 issue

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hey There Fall(:

Hi there everyone!

I just would like to say Happy Fall!
lol it's probably been cold where some of you are for months, but here in Florida it has just started to get cold like um, Saturday night aha & it came by surprise!

Buttttt, this makes me happy because I can break out all of my cute scarfs ad mittens from last year that I didn't get to wear! & also I went shopping at Target and got some great deals on a beanie, scarf and a couple of other goodies!

So today instead of Mani Monday, yes I know it's been two weeks but I like to paint my nails on Sunday and I've been so busy between school and college applications and just life that I haven't had time to do them..sorry ): , I would like to give a little list of Fall Essentials!

Fall Essentials!

1\\\ So first you have to have a couple of cute but simple sweaters to play around with! They can be easily layered for a more casual appearance or dresses up with boots.
2\\\ Jackets are a must! Not only because they look cute but you want to stay is my best friend but hey I'll always choose warmth over cuteness haha, But here are some jackets that allow both!
3\\\ boots boots boots...they speak for themselves! lol bots are a perfect way to stay chic and warm, they instantly change an outfit!
4\\\Lastly I just have somethings that will further aid in coziness. Leg warmers a great way to keep your legs warm and add a flare to your boots! Beanies, scarves, and gloves are also another fashion statement and help to add in color during this time of year!

Well what do ya think? 
Do you have any of these things already set out for Fall?

What are you Fall Essentials? Tell me below!(: