Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer Sunset|||Makeup

Hey everyone! I know that I have been gone for a whilllllle!  

I finished up my first year of college which was absolutely WONDERFUL! I had so much fun!!
But now I am back home for the summer and I want to bring a fresh new feel to the blog! I want to do more beauty posts since that's actually my passion (but I'll see how far i get with blogging in general; I've been feeling so iffy about it!) so today I will be sharing a eye look that I think is super pretty for summer! 

For this look I used the Two Faced Chocolate Bar palette and 'Get Lucky' super shock shadow by ColourPop. 
1| After applying a primer I put milk chocolate all over my lid as a base
2| I then put salted caramel & semi sweet in my crease with a blending brush
3| I then used my finger to apply Get Lucky
4-6| Using a pencil brush, I blended the harsh edges into my crease
7| Winged liner using Physicians Formula liquid liner (literally my fav liquid liner!)
8| Couple coats of Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced
9| Applied 'Lady' lippie by ColourPop 

That's it! Comment below if you have any questions and I hoped you enjoyed this quick pictorial!


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    1. Haha yes! Between my first year of college and such I just didn't know if blogging was for me...but I'm going to try again & maybe just start with smaller post. So you'll see me around like once or twice of month haha I'm trying I'm trying! <3

      Thanks for reading as always (;



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